Pamela Hetherington – 2016 grant planning team

“Micro-grants can tip the scales toward a project green light. Artists are resourceful and they have the skills to make extra dollars go a long way.”

Pam Hetherington headshoPamela Hetherington is a Philadelphia-based tap dancer, performer, choreographer, teacher and director. Growing up in Philadelphia, she studied with Leon Evans and Delphine Mantz as a part of the Next Generation Dance Theater before joining Tap Team Two and Company, under the direction of Robert F. Burden, Jr., at the age of sixteen. She performs locally with jazz musicians and vocalists and her work has been presented by Small Stakes, Jazz Bridge and the Philadelphia Jazz Project. She is a three-time grant winner from the PA Council On The Arts and has also received grants from Small But Mighty Arts and the Barra Foundation. Pam teaches classes and workshops all over the Delaware valley and is passionate about keeping the art form alive through education, accessibility, and community projects. She is the past director of Philly Tap Teaser (2008-2014) and now directs the Philadelphia Community Tap Project, going into its third successful year. In 2015, she opened Soundspace 1525, a dedicated percussive dance space and the home of Take It Away Dance. She holds a B.A. from the University of Pennsylvania and an M.A. from the University of Virginia and is a proud mom of three.