Tezarah Wilkins – 2016 Grant Planning Team

“Every little bit counts when you are an artist. Most times a small amount of money keeps artists from producing some of their best work. Micro-grants help to complete those projects and give artists the ability to work another day without having to use funds otherwise associated with necessities.”

Tezarah Wilkins HeadshotStudying Nonprofit Arts Administration at Drexel University and having a background in performing and multimedia arts, I understand what it means to be an artist and an administrator. With a keen interest in the development of arts and cultural programs I am dedicated to making sure artists and arts organizations have the opportunity to spread the arts and make change in their communities. It is this passion that has driven every one of my career decisions thus far. I believe in the power of art to transform communities and provide a vehicle for active civic engagement. I am looking forward to working with Small But Mighty Arts in propelling their Mission forward. Arts is an integral element of the culture and prosperity of the city of Philadelphia, and SBMA aims to promote the value, presence, and sustainability of the creators of that art. This is indeed mighty work!