Small Talk: Local Artist Gives SBM a New Logo!

It is our goal to build Small But Mighty Arts Grant utilizing as many Philly-based artists and resources as we possibly can.

Jaison Smulski

So when we decided that our temporary logo needed a boost, we hired local artist Jaison Smulski to add his creative spin for a new look.

Get to know a bit about the man behind the work, and then check out his site to see more of his creative collections!


SBM: Ok so what is your primary artform, i.e. the creative work you do most of the time?

JS: I am a graphic designer.

SBM: Any other artforms?

JS: Illustration/music/accumulation of junk.

SBM: I guess we can count "accumulation of junk" an artform if you do it well!  What Philly Neighborhood do you call home?

JS: I live in South Philly now, but I was born and raised in Pittsburgh...but I've lived in Philly for the last 9 years.

SBM: Got a day job? Or do you work via your artform full-time?

JS: I work doing business and community outreach for the Philadelphia Marathon.

SBM: That's pretty cool!  Checking out your site I see you've had a chance to work on some pretty cool projects.

JS: Yeah, it's been cool working with Flying Kite's On The Ground program and Small But Mighty Arts Grant, of course!

SBM: Well with all this talk about cool stuff, what's one cool thing about working as an independent artist in Philly?

JS: There is a thriving community of creative professionals, artists, tech people in Philly.

SBM: There sure is...and I'd say that makes it a pretty fun place to be creative and collaborate.  Thank you for collaborating with us!

JS: You're Welcome!

Check out Jaison's website: