renRen Williams is a dancer and performance artist working on an upcoming full-length performance, MUSE, celebrating femininity and using the myth of the Greek Muses as a motif. Her performance will explore ideas of self-love, self-actualization, consent and the intersectionality in identifying feminist issues. Ren is working on the performance of MUSE as a visible spectrum of varied forms dance styles and overall presentation, including collaboration with a fashion designer to create visually compelling costumes. The preparation for MUSE, is helping Ren to develop new new skills to further her dance and choreography career. She has sought out mentorship from a local performance producer, while her residency with the Philadelphia Circus School will provide aerial training and rehearsal space for the flying/circus portion of the show. SBMA funding will cover fees and supply costs for costumes. 

BIO: Ren, a native Washingtonian, has resided in Philadelphia since her graduation from the Duke Ellington in 2005. Having developed a background in ballet and modern, Lauren has also ventured into other areas of performance art, earning a BA in theater from Temple University in 2009. She has pursued freelance dance work, with companies such as Dance Fusion, Underground DanceWorks, and SWERVE under her belt. She has also pursued a career in stage combat, with certifications in both the Society of American Fight Directors and Fight Directors Canada. Ren currently choreographs under the name RenZoku DanceWorks, and currently co-directs the ETC Performance Series. She is also training in residency under the Philadelphia Circus School. Ren hopes to take all of her training and turn it into several worthwhile artistic endeavors.

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