Small But Mighty Arts Grant Among Knight Arts Challenge Winners

Small But Mighty Moment #1
Awards Night for the Knight Arts Challenge

Some people say it’s the small moments that really count.  I think all moments count, though Monday night proved that sometimes the small things indeed bring about really big, awe-inspiring stuff.

Dennis Scholl, Vice President/Arts for Knight Foundation told the crowd that he read each and every one of the 1,260 submissions for the Philadelphia Knight Arts Challenge, which were narrowed down by a voting committee to 55 finalists and finally, 35 winners who gathered at The Philadelphia Art Museum Monday night to receive their awards.

I was among them, wearing a name tag bearing a “2012 Winner” ribbon for my idea submission to start the Small But Mighty Arts Grant program, a mini-grant to serve as a catalyst for artists to further their creative work and gain artistic momentum.

Though I’d been keeping the hardest and happiest secret about winning the grant for about a month, my win hadn’t really hit me as I sat in the company of fellow winners like Black Pearl Chamber Orchestra and Asian Arts Initiative and among leaders of the Philadelphia arts community.

I was quoted in a recent article by Flying Kite writer Sue Spolan, saying that I could not believe that I won.  And it is true, at first I couldn’t believe that my seemingly small idea was about to expand into something much more.

After the ceremony, The Philadelphia Art Museum opened up the Van Gogh exhibit for the awards attendees.  As I walked through the exhibit I couldn’t help but notice the difference of experience when I stood up close to one of his works compared to the perspective when I took a few steps back.  Up close, each stroke seemed so small and wild, but by stepping back you could capture the depth, dimension and movement in his pieces.

As winners of the Knight Arts Challenge, we are a lot like those paintings, each of us a small, wildly creative part of the growing Philadelphia artistic scene, bringing our strokes of genius to the city’s palette in such array.  When you step back in the coming weeks, months and following year, you will see what Knight Foundation saw in all of our projects…a collective masterpiece.

I am incredibly honored to receive this grant from the John S. and James L. Knight Foundation to establish a mini-grant program to help Philadelphia artists add to the vibrant creative landscape one small, but mighty grant at a time.


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