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This week I attended a nice formal dinner, and while talking with an executive of a local museum, we found an exciting common interest:  Live Arts Fest & Philly Fringe!  Without a second thought or concern for our surroundings...we gave each other an instant high five across the table!...Wait, did I just high five someone at a formal event?  Yes, yes I did!  Two cool points for both of us!  High fives are acceptable everywhere!

Giving someone a high five is still among my top faves ways to show solidarity, agreement or outright support.  If only for a moment, it bonds you with the other high five giver, whether you know them or just met.

Yet, there is nothing more disappointing than to  raise your hand in high five bliss only to find yourself in the awkward just-got-left-hanging pose.  The shame that follows is insurmountable!...or am I the only one borderline devastated? Just me? Ok, I can live with that.

The point is, high fives are a cool way to show support, they should be given no matter where you are, and leaving someone hanging is never cool. 

Philadelphia emerging artists have raised their hands and accepted the challenges that come with pursuing their creative work.  I founded Small But Mighty Arts Grant to support emerging Philly-based artists through micro-grants so they can take the small creative steps needed to achieve their mightiest professional success.  Many emerging artists are only $200 - $1,000 away from significantly changing their creative lives.  Meanwhile, they are creating art that transforms communities,  helps connect us to one another and contributes positively to the City's creative landscape.   Their work needs to be seen, heard, felt, shared...and supported.

The effort begins today.  Don't leave Philadelphia's emerging artists hanging...

If you support Philly Artists...
Give Them 5!

Make a donation divisible by $5 today! 

Let the campaign begin to support Philadelphia's emerging artists !

video by Sharvon Urbannavage of SP Photography

PRESS RELEASE: Small Grant Receives Mighty Boost to Support Philadelphia Artists!

April 24, 2012


PHILADELPHIA – Philadelphia artists will soon have an opportunity to apply for micro-grants of $200 to $1,000 that could help them complete, continue or begin an artistic project.  Thanks to support from the John S. and James L. Knight Foundation, local artists could utilize these small grants to gain artistic momentum and share more of their work within the community.

Many grants are highly competitive and geared toward larger organizations, providing fewer small grant funding options for individual artists.  Many independent artists rely on funding from their jobs or savings to support their artistic endeavors.  This often leaves artists without adequate funding to move their creative projects forward.

The Small-But-Mighty Arts Grant will launch with a $60,000, two-year grant from Knight Foundation to provide small grant funds to independent artists.  Read more