SBM On the Move: Made In America Festival 2012

Jay-Z, Pearl Jam and Small But Mighty...

Thanks to the Greater Philadelphia Cultural Alliance, Small But Mighty Arts was able to share an info table at the Made in America Festival.  When I arrived to set up, Philadelphia's own Jill Scott was on stage singing her heart out and the dance tent behind our table was bursting with beats and dancing bodies.  The on again, off again rain did little to deter the crowd and it wasn't hard to get people to pose with our signs, sign the email list and profess their undying love for all things arts and culture in Philadelphia.   It was SBM's first tabling event and a lot of fun!

Gabi & Ed
Chris & Sophia
Rashid, Photographer & Videographer

 I thought about the amazing artists performing over the weekend...major artists, who also started out as unknown up-and-coming artists.  It goes to show that you never know...the poet at the open mic, the MC around the way, the dancer, the painter, the writer, the actor...could be only steps away from the step that could significantly enhance their creative careers.

Any artist, at any given time, is one moment away from their next great creation...we've got to make sure that artists have the opportunity to take the steps that lead to that moment. 

During my last stroll through the Cause Village section of the festival, I stopped to talk to people at a nearby of the men I spoke to was happy to hold our sign and show his support...and why not, after all his son is proof that Philly indie artists may start small, but often go on to do great things!

Ms. Loretta Coney and Mr. Will Smith Sr.