SBMA Connects Philly Artists to Resources



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Small But Mighty Arts Grant provides artists with small grants and additional resources at critical points in their creative careers that will serve as a catalyst to further their work so they continue to live and create in Philadelphia.

Here are some of the ways we supported artists throughout 2013  to create, connect and thrive in Philadelphia...


Micro-grants are increasingly important to artists.  Many artists have been $200 - $1,000 away from the next significant step in their creative careers.  By awarding artists with much needed funding and doing so more immediately, we can help to maintain the momentum of an artist's creative work. Thanks to the generosity of our 2012-13 donors, we were able to run a pilot of our grant program awarded 5 artists up to $500 in January 2014 to complete or make significant progress on a project (grant recipients made public on January 27, 2014).


We shorten the distance between an artist and existing resources in Philadelphia that could (and do) help to enhance artists' creative careers. One of those opportunities included the Market East Arts Series in partnership with Witty Gritty Marketing, Market8 and PHLCVB. SBMA booked artists for first fridays during the series. Many of those artists went on to book additional dates and make great connections to new audiences.


SBMA is serious about artists who are serious about their craft and creative careers.  We have co-promoted professional workshops and conferences and participated on panels like CFEVA and Corzo Center's panel on granting. The SBMA newsletter has also been an effective way for us to share resources, including professional development opportunities, with artists.